Five Reasons You Need Digital Marketing During COVID-19

by Linden Schwark
by Linden Schwark

To summarize:

  • Businesses are considering digital marketing tools to increase their audience engagement during a pandemic.
  • Statistics show that Google Analytics helps entrepreneurs track traffic variation on their websites.
  • During the COVID-19 crisis, digital marketing helps organizations in receiving high ROI.
  • Email marketing helps in boosting customer leads and promote conversion rates.

Global economic reactions are consistent with the sudden and deadly outbreak of COVID-19. In such a time, taking stock of an epidemiological situation and future trends of businesses is a hard row to hoe. The financial and economic damage that this ghoulish virus has caused is devastating. Small to large-scale entrepreneurs also took a beating. Despite the ongoing health crisis, the desire to expand a business is palpable.

The pandemic and businesses – trending statistics to follow

The alarming statistics and projections by the United Nations say that there are possible chances for the global economy to witness shrinkage by up to 1 percent due to the pandemic. The smooth working conditions of international trade and supply chains have come to a screeching halt. This halt has led a notable number of employees to witness a dreary panorama of losing their jobs. Another analytical report presented by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) reveals that if economic activities remain stranded, the economy may shrivel by 0.9% by the end of 2020. The business downtime rate, scary as it sounds, needs to adopt efficient digital marketing strategies to combat the coronavirus. With businesses at stake, creative ways to reach audiences are paramount.

How will Digital Marketing make a difference?

Due to the global pandemic, entrepreneurs are still concerned about whether they will ever be able to leave their homes to reopen businesses. But, the excessive use of the internet by potential customers during these times is a blessing in disguise. Thus, keeping your marketing and communication game on point will undoubtedly nurture relationships with the customers. Digital marketing during this time will make a difference because of the following reasons.

Digital marketing ideas that trigger your business during a pandemic

As rightly said, ‘Success is for first-comers; companies that are becoming more active during this pandemic are surely going to bring in more conversion rates once the situation normalizes. Improve your marketing strategies during this period to better understand your customers. People are available online and are more active on their mobile phones and laptops than ever. Make the best use of this opportunity to increase audience engagement amid the coronavirus global pandemic.

1. Reaching a heterogeneous audience

Connecting with your potential audience becomes more accessible with the help of digital marketing tools. It helps in tracking, evaluating, and analyzing the users who visit your website. You will be able to get an analytical report of consumer visits to the site in real-time. Reaching different audiences during tough times is easy as:

2. Turn the reset button on for a retargeting audience. 

Not all businesses know how effectively they can work during the pandemic. You can take the best advantage of it by targeting and retargeting your audiences. Companies should not forget that there are people who rely heavily on them to avail of products and services. Your existing customers are the vertebrae of your business. Explore the following ways to retarget your potential audience:

  • Make your website more engaging and user-friendly
  • Avoid pitching new products
  • Maintain consistent interaction with customers regarding business updates
  • Provide timely safety tips

3. Face off with your counterparts

Please keep a close check on the activities your competitor is performing and learn from their lacunas. Your business should come up as a spin-off in terms of digital marketing services. Surpass your counterparts who are less active in their business strategies.

4. Promoting conversion rates to thrive with special offers 

The current situation has made people vulnerable and dependent on online sites. Businesses can work on offering exclusive offers on their products and services to attract more customers and to show customers that they care. Special offers will help in:

5. Trust in the survival of the fittest.

While assuring your customers that we are all together in this, businesses need to stay positive themselves as well. You have got plenty of time to come up with new approaches and strategies. Companies that have the potential to thrive in the global pandemic crisis will reach new heights of success soon.

Points that can’t go amiss!

Online marketing is measurable. Take the best advantage of it to generate the highest number of conversion leads. Understand that this is the right time to complete your ‘to-do’ list and improve your marketing strategies. When the situations return to normal, you might get less time to renovate your website. Thus, strengthen your marketing skills to combat the global economic crisis. Divert your focus from campaigning and promotion to:

About the author

Linden Schwark
Linden Schwark is the CEO and Lead SEO Strategist of VSA. For the last 7 years, he has helped business owners reach their goals by dramatically increasing their online presence. In that time, Linden has ranked 100’s of web pages on Google for high competition searches, including his own website

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