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Whether you’re looking to improve local rankings in Surrey, BC, or an entire marketing overhaul, we’ve got you covered.

Web Design

Increase conversions and user experience

Sometimes the look of your website can miss the mark on the message or feeling you want to get across to your visitors. Whether you need a full remodeling or a thematic tune-up, we’ll have a mobile friendly, converting machine for you in no time.

Search Engine Optimization

Take your business to the top of Google Search

The top spot in Google is a lucrative position and is considered a success by many agencies, but we just aren’t satisfied with that. When possible, we look to completely dominate the front page of Google. 


Social Media

Leverage social media to increase revenue

We can help your business drive clients to your website through the use of social media. With this service we will build your brand online using valuable content specifically tailored to your business

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Over 80% Of Prospects Search Google First.

Studies show that a large amount of your company’s prospects are looking for your services through Google, but they can’t find you.

Google is one of the biggest marketing opportunities to ever exist. The ability to reach 80% of all prospects through one medium is something that every business should take advantage of.

Our Work Speaks For Itself…

Here are just some of our page 1 rankings we hold against our competition.

If we can do it for “SEO”, we can surely get your business there too!

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Gastown seo vancouver seo agency
Vancouver google rankings vancouver seo agency
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Monthly SEO Reports

Every month we send out reports that include rankings updates and other valuable information. We keep your online business secure by informing you on adjustments in the industry and our recommendations to stay ahead of them.

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Increase Leads With The Best Local Search Engine Optimization Company for Surrey SEO!

Our Content Strategies Take Over Google Search and Dominates Your Competition.

Increase Visibility

Ranking highly in Google gives your business the visibility it needs to reach out to millions of potential customers online.

Broaden Customer Base

By solving both sides of the equation – from Google to your website – our services can connect you with your customers in a way that keeps them coming back.

Boost Revenue

Your company will bolster its revenue by tapping into a new source of customers looking for your products and services.
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How We Do Things

We Do It Ourselves

We ensure the quality of all of our work by insourcing to our team of internet marketing professionals. We use no black hat tactics, shortcuts, or outsourcing.

Non-Binding Contracts

We extend an unprecedented promise to our clients with a non-binding month-to-month contract. We respect that you are paying for results, if an agreement is made with realistic expectations, you shouldn’t be forced to continue paying if the company doesn’t deliver.

We Deliver ROI

We built our SEO firm with all types of businesses in mind. We have innovated a pricing model that is economical enough to deliver an ROI with only a couple of sales each month yet potent enough to dominate the search engine rankings. Our services put your hard-earned dollars to work for years to come.


Unlike other agencies, we are an organization with a face. With a full open-door policy, we provide you with our personal emails and mobile numbers so that you can open dialog with our team whenever you need to. As partners, it is our initiative to help you and your business, if you wish to receive an update, have an issue resolved, or have a question answered, we would be glad to assist you.

Monthly Reports

Every month we send out reports that include rankings updates and other valuable information. We keep your online business secure by informing you on adjustments in the industry and our recommendations to stay ahead of them.

Our Latest Projects

Check out of latest work, and how we deliver for our clients!

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Jet Pet Resort

On-page & Off-page SEO
Webflairdigital computer image vancouver seo agency

Web Flair Digital

Web Design, Web Optimize, SEO
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West Coast Institute

Web Design, Web Optimize, SEO
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Samurais Of Our Industry

How does an SEO marketing agency stay ahead of the curve in an industry that is changing so frequently? Well, the truth is, not many of them do. We, on the other hand, belong to several mastermind groups that harbor the best SEOs in the world. Inside these groups, we can strategize around what’s working, forecast changes in the search engines months before they happen, and stay on the razor-sharp katana edge of our industry. As a result, you benefit not only from our innovative expertise but the knowledge of hundreds of industry leaders.

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partnering up with Vancouver SEO Agency ensures you slice through your competition. No matter your ambitions, increasing search engine traffic, rejuvenating the look of your website, or breaking into a new market, we have proven solutions to deliver. Our researching team assembles comprehensive marketing campaigns that tap into multiple avenues of revenue and bring in MASSIVE returns.


Welcome to VSA – the #1 premier team of Surrey SEO specialists. It is likely that you have come to this page because you are interested in having search engine optimization work done on your website or want to know what it can do for your company.

We can help your business tower over your competition by ensuring that your website is both found by Google and optimized for mobile viewing. Each company is different and has unique needs, to better evaluate what we can offer you we would like to give you a FREE strategy session. This consultation will provide you with an assessment of what we could do to enhance your business and life. To receive your report, please fill out the Strategy Session application by pressing the button bellow.

Linden Schwark

SEO Consultant, Lead SEO VSA

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“I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Linden on various highly successful SEO campaigns. It was a joy working together again.”
Michael J. Monaghan

Branding Director, Arcachon Bay Products

“Linden runs an honest company that gets real results for businesses. … His skills are the real deal, and I can vouch personally for the quality and expertise of the services he offers.”
Josh Parker

SEO Specialist, Badger SEO

“Vancouver SEO Agency is an innovator of online marketing. They are all about producing results for their clients…”
Michael Anderson

Manager of Business Development, Life Experience Solutions LLC

“We worked with Vancouver SEO Agency on a project and the quality of work was excellent. We look forward to bringing additional projects to them in the future.”
Abrar Patel

Founder, AP Web Solutions