10 Omni-channel Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales

Paru saxena

by Paru Saxena | Mar. 23, 2020

10 omni channel marketing strategies to boost sales

Innovative business policies have emerged in the past few years and Omni-channel digital marketing means providing flawless customer experience across both online and offline marketing channels. These channels usually include social media, e-commerce websites, print ads, corporal interactions, etc.

The foremost purpose is to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction across various channels related to the buyer’s journey. This blog post covers the top ten Omni-channel marketing strategies that help businesses to boost sales.

1. Work according to customer needs

Your entire marketing campaign should focus on customer requirements and what works finest for them. Clients should be able to get the required information about your product/services easily.

So proper collaboration within all departments of a company is a must and employees should be able to provide important insights to prevail over the problems in the Omni-channel approach.

2. Have a data-centric approach

Exploiting your data resourcefully is the essence of Omni-channel marketing. Enterprises should gather data from several sources like customer profile, their purchase, online search behaviour, and demographics, etc.

Numerous companies use CRM tools to save their consumer data. It is necessary to know your target customers and the way they intermingle with your product. It is very important to enhance the brand that you ask customer feedback during their buying journey.

3. Automated marketing tools


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Automation of all processes including inventory management and email marketing eradicate human errors and increases work productivity. Following automated technologies are recommended to make your processes more efficient:

Besides these, it is advantageous to include personalization which forms a sense of association with buyers across several channels.

4. Customer segmentation

Omni-channel digital marketing relies mainly on correct targeting and personalizing messages. Segmenting the customers into various groups and categories simplifies sending personalized messages. Such categories can be formed on the basis of buyer profile (gender, age, location, etc), and the extent of customer interaction with various channels.

Use an automation tool to send appropriate messages to the customers at the right time and in the course of the correct channel. For instance, if a specific group shows a sturdy liking towards sales and discounts, prompt them each time about the relevant offer. Message targeting should be to get more conversions rather than simply drawing their interest. You can also use position based mobile advertising to get the finest possible outcomes.

5. Website optimization for mobile devices

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It is a familiar fact that around half of the users shop using their smartphones. Your website should be optimized for mobile devices or else these customers will soon abandon your site. This is an essential step to apply Omni-channel marketing in e-commerce.

6. Responsive web pages

Make responsive web pages so that customers can see your site content comfortably regardless of the screen size. Also, focus on the landing pages where your site visitors will fill their personal information.

7. Customer care

Helping customers in a proper way should not look simply like a sales pitch but it should satisfy the customer with the correct reply. There are occasions when improper targeting of sales message pop-ups can irritate a buyer creating an off-putting customer experience. Improper integration of systems with your Omni-channel approach can also be a catastrophe. So your automated systems and channels should provide help options that are handy to go through.

The key guidelines to improve customer care operations are-

  • Reduce your social media response time: Every customer wants immediate solutions to his/her problems and most of the clients expect a quick resolution of their social media feedback. Set up a team to quickly handle social media issues.
  • Provide live chat assistance: Usually, customers like to get their issues resolved through a live interactive chat. Utilize consistent live chat software and also integrate it with your social media platforms to tackle customer issues.
  • FAQ list: Make a well-researched FAQ list that is easy to navigate and provide relevant answers.
  • Email automation: Use email automation tactics and provide appropriate replies to customer queries. Email marketing tools can be used to track the deliverance and receiving of email interactions.

8. Follow customer journey across all channels

One of the most important parts of Omni-channel marketing is to have a proper understanding of the pain points of consumers and their behaviour. It is also possible to track every single tap and click on an app.

Since you present numerous channels for buyers to connect with your product, it is vital to be quick to respond to all these channels. With proper integration of all the platforms, your customers will get reliable services across each.

9. Establish trust

Steadiness is significant in Omni-channel marketing. You have to provide excellent customer service to enhance user experience to a stage where they trust and automatically associate with a brand name.

10. Update customer experience with time

Analyze and modify your Omni-channel marketing policy over time. For this, you have to analyze the data collected through various channels and conclude to make your marketing campaigns more effective. This also keeps updating your customer’s experience.


The major benefits of Omni-channel marketing include better customer experience, less production and warehousing expenses along with enhanced retargeting. Implement these above mentioned Omni-channel marketing strategies to improve your brand name and boost sales.

Paru saxena

Authored by Paru Saxena

Guest Writer

Paru Saxena is the Sales head at TechIngenious, a rapidly growing company having reliable web & mobile app developers in India. His skills include digital marketing and web application development.


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