8 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing is Important for your Business

Oct 7, 2020

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With nearly 45% of the world’s population actively using social media on a daily basis, social media marketing has today become a part of most brands’ marketing mix.

And for a good reason. It is an effective way of marketing that generates more organic results.

In fact, 73% of marketers believe that it has been an effective marketing strategy for them.

Brands who understand this, make optimum use of social media marketing with the help of a social media marketing (SMM) company.

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However, there are still a few who might not find social media marketing a lucrative strategy for their brand.

If you are one of those, below mentioned are 7 reasons why you must use social media marketing for your business.


  • Increase your Brand Awareness

Social Media Marketing is the best way to connect with your target audience & enhance your brand awareness.

You can target & connect to your audience online and interact with them in order to increase your brand awareness.

With a good social media marketing strategy in place, you can take steps to increase your brand awareness across the platforms.

In fact, 91% of marketers believe that spending only a few hours on social media marketing every day can increase their visibility on social media & enhance awareness.


  •  Enhance SEO Rankings

Though it may sound unlikely, your social media presence can affect your Google rankings too.

With SEO requirements changing every day, social media too now plays an important role in helping your brand rank.

Brands with stronger social media presence have a greater chance of ranking.

Not only that, but it is also more likely that your social media pages might rank when your customers are looking for you.

Good social media marketing is pre-eminent for a stronger presence & hence highly required.


  • Drive Traffic

Another way social media can aid your SEO efforts is by driving more traffic.

It is a great way to generate more traffic to your website.

By sharing interesting & engaging content on your social media channels you give your audience a reason to check your website, thus generating more traffic & hence leads.

You can then make efforts to convert these leads.

How you can do that is by regularly posting content about the brand, sharing blog links & seminar links on your social media channels.

These links will then direct the users to your website.


  • You get to meet your target audience

With over 3 billion social media users, nearly half the world is familiar with the social media world.

In that case, if you don’t make the most out of social media marketing, you are missing out on a big opportunity.

By creating a staggering presence on the social media platforms you can meet your target audience, understand them & get a chance to let them know better.

This way you can connect to them on a deeper level.

By sharing good content with your audience you can get closer to them & understand their needs & mindsets better.

What better way to know your audience than this?


  • Improve your Sales & ROI

With advancements in social media algorithms, you now get a chance to sell via social media channels like Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest.

Your audience can simply press buy while browsing through your product posts.

Not only that, there is another way you can increase your sales by using social media.

Social Media is a big community & people here religiously believe each other’s reviews. Have a look at the following statistic.

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So, if you get good reviews, you are more likely to sell more.

If you can encourage your consumers to buy your products & share their reviews on social media, you can increase your sales easily.


  • It’s Cost-Effective 

Social media marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways for marketing, while also being one of the most beneficial ones.

Even when you are getting your social media marketing done by an expert, it is will cost you far less comparatively, while helping you generate appreciable ROI on your investment. Social media platforms being majorly free-to-use allow you to spend less & gain more.

You only need to keep sharing valuable content and sit back & relax while social media marketing does its magic.

But this is often a hard nut to crack & hence our suggestion is that you rely on Social Media Marketing (SMM) companies in Mumbai & other big cities who can help you gain the most out of your social media channels.


  • Improve Brand Loyalty

Social media provides a window for your customers to connect with you.

You get a chance to entertain & engage your audience using interesting content on your page.

Besides endorsement, you can share content solely for your audience’s entertainment.

This causes them to like you more & they start seeing you as a brand that truly cares for them rather than one that simply concentrates on selling.

This helps increase their loyalty towards your brand.

In fact, as per a study conducted by Texas Tech, good social media presence is a major driver towards increasing brand loyalty.


  • Generate Customer Satisfaction

Lastly, if used well, social media marketing can help you generate greater customer satisfaction.

As we mentioned earlier, it is a way for your audience to know you.

At the same time, it gives you an opportunity to know them better too.

You get to connect with them & realize what they want & hence enhance your services.

Not just that, it gives you a chance to get a first-hand review from your consumers to improve your brand.

That’s why it’s important that you use it well.

You must engage & reply to your audience & maintain constant communication.

If your customers feel heard, they will feel satisfied with your brand.


Wrapping Up


We hope these reasons were enough to help you realize just how important social media marketing is for your brand in today’s scenario.

If you need guidance on how to use social media to its fullest potential or need someone to do it for you, reach out to us for help!



Guest Post by Walnut Folks

Walnut Folks Pvt Ltd is an independent digital marketing agency, established in 2018, that blends data, creativity, and technology to help businesses grow.


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