6 Pro Tips to Improve Your Web Design

6 Pro Tips to Improve Your Web Design

6 Pro Tips To Improve Your Web Design

July 15, 2020
Laptop and Monitor with web design

When it comes to website design, netizens are not very forgiving to poorly designed websites.

They take one look on a website and make 94% of their first impressions based on design alone.

What’s more, they are also using this time to decide whether they think the website is credible at all or not.

According to statistics, 74% of a website’s credibility is attributed to its design aka appearance.

You may think that’s unfair. But let’s consider these two websites:

Image: TOG

Image: Arngren

Looking at these two examples, I think it’s safe to assume which one you’ll trust with your time and money more than the other.

The same way a brand logo builds a business’ personality and character, a website ensures the survival and success of the said business.

So what are the top pro tips that can help you fix up your website design and turn it into a money-making machine? Let’s find out.


Website Navigation


A rule of thumb in the website navigation world is that it should only take 3 clicks for a visitor to land on any page of your website from any other part of the site.

It encourages site exploration, increases time spent on a page, and improves user experience, resulting in higher conversions.

How to improve your site’s navigation:

  • Use descriptive labels. Instead of ‘Product’ and ‘Services’, use the names of specific products or services you offer. For example: ‘Body Lotions’, ‘Hair Care’, and ‘Spa Bookings’. Specific product labels not only help visitors, but they also help search engines rank your pages better as they focus on a single topic.
  • Rearrange menu items. Menu items that are clicked the most should be on the top or the bottom of the list. Average performing items should come in the middle. Human cognition is biased towards items that we see the earliest (Primacy effect) or the most recent (Recency effect).
  • Make navigation responsive. Your navigation bar should not change its architecture or design when viewed on mobile. Keep it consistent and add responsiveness to the design.

Check out this article for more on website navigation best practices.


Mobile-friendly & Responsive Web Pages


While we are on the topic of responsiveness of websites, consider this statistic: 52.2% of all website traffic is generated from mobile phones.

Search engines also don’t care deeply about web pages that aren’t mobile-friendly.

A few ways to increase your site’s mobile-friendliness and make sure every page is responsive:

  • Mobile-first approach. Google has a mobile-first indexing policy which means your site’s mobile version will be indexed for rankings before the desktop version. Therefore, use a mobile-first approach when designing.
  • Optimize images. High-quality images are necessary to make a site look presentable and ‘worthy’ to visitors. Optimizing images will ensure that they load faster on mobile phones and keep their quality intact.
  • Buttons on the site. The buttons on your website must be easily clickable on smaller screens. Increasing the size of the clickable area is a great way to achieve that.


Internal Linking


Internal linking is part of the bigger link building strategy that ensures a strong SEO base for your website.

With different parts of your website directing visitors to other areas of the page or the site, and each of them containing important information for the audience, it increases your web page rankings.

To improve your site’s internal linking, here are a few tips:

  • Use specific key phrases. The anchor text on the page you want to link must be specific. Instead of ‘click here’, use targeted phrases such as ‘check out our link building guide’.
  • Link high-traffic pages to high-converting pages. Analyze your traffic and conversions and try organic ways to link pages that bring high traffic with pages that convert well. This way, most of your traffic will be routed to pages that increase conversions.
  • Limit the number of links. Keep the number of internal links to a 100, max. Fewer internal links mean more authority for each internally linked page.


Call-to-Action Buttons


CTA buttons make decision-making easy for visitors.

The clearer and more direct a website’s CTA game is, the easier the experience.

Customers also feel encouraged using a website that lays out its goals, what it wants from you, and how it can help you solve your problems.

Some tips that will help you use CTA buttons more effectively:

  • Use a Verb. Tell people what action you recommend they take on a certain page. Use verbs. ‘Get a quote’, ‘Download eBook, ‘Submit a request’, ‘Call to book an appointment’ and such are clear, specific calls to actions.
  • Remain concise. Use no more than three words. Keep it simple, to-the-point, and action-oriented.
  • Smart colours. Use complementary colours for your CTAs so people can easily distinguish them from the rest of the text on the page.

Image: Pixpa


Contact Forms


Contact forms perform as lead generation tools for websites by giving visitors multiple ways they can connect with the business.

A contact form for each of the different services, or on specific help topics, etc.

can help a business collect valuable customer data and will also know which customer is interested in which service or product.

There are a few ways you can use contact forms to your best advantage:

  • Optimize field labels. The field labels on your contact forms should be optimized for the specific CTA or service you’re designing that form for. For a booking form, for example, ask about ‘Type of Booking’, ‘Preferred Dates’, ‘Number of visitors’, etc.
  • Thank-You Page. A thank-you page after a contact form is submitted encourages the continuity of the conversation between the visitor and the business. Try investing in that.
  • Keep it simple. Only ask for the information that you need. Don’t hinder the user’s experience by asking lengthy, unnecessary questions or asking them to fill multiple forms. A list of pre-designed questions included in your contact forms my further help matters.

For more on contact forms best practices, here’s a useful article.


Spruce Up the Content


Your website content is the meat for your site’s skeleton.

This is what a huge part of your SEO is based on, thanks to content marketing.

While people may make snap judgments about whether a site is useful or not based on looks, useless or depthless content will cement such judgments.

To turn things around for your website, create content that is informative, knowledgeable, authoritative, engaging, and encourages discussion.

  • No technical jargon. Use simple and useful vocabulary that most people can understand and benefit from. Search engines are looking for content that people find valuable.
  • Use bullet-points and lists. Lists keep everything neat and tidy. Since the majority of visitors only skim the content, lists make sure that a high portion of your content will be consumed and hopefully shared with others.
  • Subheadings in paragraphs. Paragraphs that use subheadings are a dream-come-true for content marketers. They are so much easier to link, build authority, and easier for search engines to crawl for keywords and relevant phrases.




There are dozens of ways to improve your website’s designs.

Take advantage of your site’s analytics and figure out the areas where your site may be performing poorly.

Knowing your weak areas will help you build a better business.

Hopefully, the information we’ve shared here will help you arm-up your web design plans and enjoy richer results.

If you know ways to fix up website designs in more unique ways, shout out in the comments below and help the community.


Jane Collen Guest Writer For Vancouver SEO Agency

Authored by Michelle Richards

Michelle Richards loves to chew on words, graphic design and bubble gum. Her writing reflects this combination – practical, aesthetical, and fun. She also likes to explore technical topics such as web development, and gadget reviews.

Guest Writer

Five Reasons You Need Digital Marketing During COVID-19

Five Reasons You Need Digital Marketing During COVID-19

Five Reasons You Need Digital Marketing During COVID-19

Guest Writer

Dataiku Model SEO Results

To summarize:

  • Businesses are considering digital marketing tools to increase their audience engagement during a pandemic.
  • Statistics show that Google Analytics helps entrepreneurs to track traffic variation on their website.
  • During the COVID-19 crisis, digital marketing helps organizations in receiving high ROI.
  • Email marketing helps in boosting customer leads and promoting conversion rates.

Global economic reactions are consistent with the sudden and deadly outbreak of COVID-19.

In such a time, taking stock of an epidemiological situation and future trends of businesses is a hard row to hoe.

The financial and economic damage that this ghoulish virus has caused is devastating.

Small to large scale entrepreneurs also took a beating.

Despite the ongoing health-crisis, the desire to expand a business is palpable.


The pandemic and businesses – trending statistics to follow

The alarming statistics and projections by the United Nations say that there are possible chances for the global economy to witness shrinkage by up to 1 percent due to the pandemic.

The smooth working conditions of international trade and supply chains have come to a screeching halt.

This halt has led a notable number of employees to witness a dreary panorama of losing their jobs.

Another analytical report presented by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) reveals that if the economic activities remain stranded, the economy may shrivel by 0.9% by the end of 2020.

The business downtime rate, scary as it sounds, needs to adopt efficient digital marketing strategies to combat the coronavirus.

With businesses at stake, creative ways to reach audiences are paramount.


How will Digital Marketing make a difference?

Due to the global pandemic, entrepreneurs are still concerned whether they will ever be able to leave homes to reopen businesses.

But, the excessive use of the internet by potential customers during these times is a blessing in disguise.

Thus, keeping your marketing and communication game on a point will undoubtedly nurture relationships with the customers.

Digital marketing during this time will make a difference because of the following reasons.


Digital marketing ideas that trigger your business during a pandemic

As rightly said, ‘Success is for first-comers’; companies that are becoming more active during this pandemic are surely going to bring in more conversion rates once the situation normalizes.

Improve your marketing strategies during this period to better understand your customers.

People are available online and are more active on their mobile phones and laptops than ever.

Make the best use of this opportunity to increase audience engagement amid the coronavirus global pandemic.


1. Reaching heterogeneous audience

Connecting with your potential audience becomes more accessible with the help of digital marketing tools.

It helps in tracking, evaluating, and analyzing the users who visit your website. You will be able to get an analytical report of consumer visits on the site in real-time.

Reaching different audience during tough times is easy as:


2. Turn the reset button on for a retargeting audience. 

Not all businesses know how effectively they can work during the pandemic.

You can take the best advantage of it by targeting and retargeting your audiences.

Companies should not forget that there are people who rely heavily on them to the avail of products and services.

Your existing customers are the vertebrae of your business.

Explore the following ways to retarget your potential audience:

  • Make your website more engaging and user-friendly
  • Avoid pitching new products
  • Maintain consistent interaction with customers regarding business updates
  • Provide timely safety tips


3. Face off with your counterparts

Please keep a close check on the activities your competitor is performing and learn from their lacunas.

Your business should come up as a spin-off in terms of digital marketing services.

Surpass your counterparts who are less active in their business strategies.


4. Promoting conversion rates to thrive with special offers 

The current situation has made people vulnerable and dependent on online sites.

Businesses can work on offering exclusive offers on their products and services to attract more customers and to show customers that you care.

Special offers will help in:


5. Trust in the survival of the fittest.

While assuring your customers that we are all together in this, businesses need to stay positive themselves as well.

You have got plenty of time to come up with new approaches and strategies.

Companies that have the potential to thrive in the global pandemic crisis will reach new heights of success soon.


Points that can’t go amiss!

Online marketing is measurable.

Take the best advantage of it to generate the highest number of conversion leads.

Understand that this is the right time to complete your ‘to-do’ list and improving your marketing strategies.

When the situations return to normal, you might get less time to renovate your website.

Thus, strengthen your marketing skills to combat the global economic crisis.

Divert your focus from campaigning and promotion to:


Authored by Anshul Sharma

July 15th, 2020
Anshul Sharma is an eminent app developer and digital marketer. He is presently serving as the CEO of a digital marketing company named Brandburp. His clients have always appreciated his expertise in the world of marketing and app development.

Guest Writer

Top 5 Benefits of Video Marketing For Small Businesses

Top 5 Benefits of Video Marketing For Small Businesses

Top 5 Benefits of Video Marketing For
Small Businesses

Jane Collen Guest Writer For Vancouver SEO Agency

by Jane Collen | June 11, 2020

Guest Writer

Dataiku Model SEO Results

From the last few years, video marketing is has gone through the roof, with more and more marketers investing in video content to keep up with people’s demand and love for this medium of storytelling.

However, with more than 30,000 hours of new content being uploaded every hour on YouTube alone, video marketing continues to be one of the top business marketing trends of 2020.

It means people want to watch more of relevant, high-quality video content.

Hence, being a small business owner, it is time for you to embrace the benefits of video marketing and consider it as an effective strategy to achieve your marketing and business goals.

Let’s jump right to the top five benefits of video marketing that will drive more small businesses to explore this content medium.


Increase your visibility and reach


Video marketing helps you make your brand and products more visible and accessible for the ideal buyer.

As people are exponentially using the web and digital platforms to find information about different products and services before making a purchase, being a small business owner, you should establish your brand’s online visibility and accessibility.

The following are a few ways that video content increases your visibility and reachability.


Rank high in search engines


Google is the biggest global search engine, with more than 90% of the market share shared between Google and Google Images, as of September 2018.

It means to maximize your visibility on the search engine you need to adopt all the best practices that boost your ranking.

Adding videos to your website helps increase your search ranking on all major search engines, including Google.


Including SEO optimized videos on your website is said to be one of the easiest ways to get yourself on the first page of Google, organically.

And it is worth so much effort because, according to HubSpot, 75% of people never go beyond the first-page search engine results.

Besides, one of the best SEO practices for e-commerce websites to increase their Google ranking is to include high-quality videos and photos.

This shows that Google likes you when people love you.


Get on YouTube


Video marketing helps you to effectively repurpose your content on multiple platforms at the same time.

You can publish your videos on your YouTube channel and make your content to millions of people worldwide.

Besides, YouTube has become the second-largest search engine in the world, with more than a billion monthly users who watch more than 250 million hours of video content every day.

That said, Google owns YouTube, which is why it is fair to assume that the video platform would follow all best SEO practices to make it’s content visible.

The following are a few tips to increase the visibility of your YouTube videos over Google snippet and relevant searches.

  • Research keywords relevant to your brand, product, and video content.
  • Make sure to include the keywords into your video title and description naturally.
  • Use SRT file to include subtitles into your videos
  • Upload a custom thumbnail image


Boost email click-through rate


According to research, including videos in emails can increase your click rates by 300%.

Besides, small businesses can also boost their email open rates by 19%, click-through rate by 65%, and decrease unsubscribes by 26%, by only including the word video into the subject line.

The old, long text-based email formats do not motivate the readers to engage with your content.

However, you highly improve the results of your email campaigns by integrating engaging video content.

Email marketing is still a great way to engage with your prospects and maintain a lasting relationship with clients and leads.

But, it is important to adopt your email content with changing information consuming behaviour of people to optimize ROI

Here are some recommendations to consider when running an email campaign with video content.

  • Use the word ‘video’ in the subject line
  • Don’t embed the video as some email platforms may not support videos
  • Include the thumbnail or a custom image with the play button in the middle, which takes the receipt to your video hosting platforms like YouTube, Wista, and Vimeo


Increase understanding of your product


When you are running a small business, one of your priorities is to build audiences’ familiarity with your brand, mainly if your product or service idea is new for the people.

Products and services can be complicated, and you must explain your product, its benefits, uses, and value to motivate more people to make a purchase.

According to a study, your website visitors are 85% more likely to purchase after watching a product video.

It means that video marketing is not effective in engaging and entertaining your prospects, but it can have a solid impact on your conversion rate and profits as well.

Explainer videos make an excellent way for you to share vital information about your product or services.

From the explaining features, benefits, and functions to tutorial videos, you want to produce video content that delivers value for your audience.

Hence, when the goal is to increasing understanding of your product and services out recommendation is explainer videos, it provides information to your audience in the medium of their choice.


Capitalize on your social media presence


You will almost every brand from your industry posting images and text on social media, but a great way to make your social media game up a notch is to upgrade your content with videos.

Besides, social media feeds are designed in a manner that shows people more of what they want to see, which means videos posts are showing up on the top of people’s newsfeed.

Hence, creating and sharing video content highly improves your chances of not only increasing your social media visibility but engagement and interaction with followers as well.

That said, having interesting content on your social media that your audience can relate with also boosts your brand’s overall popularity and loyalty, which again results in more social media engagement.


Reveal your brand’s personality


In the age of awareness, people want to make more informed decisions.

As a small business, you no more have the option to hide behind your products and services anymore.

Video marketing empowers small businesses to not only reveal their brand’s personality, but this enables them to create brand loyalty that drives them to compete with big corporations.

In other words, people want to find out more about the brands that they buy and use.

Everyone loves watching videos, which makes them the best medium to create content that helps to give your brand the human element.

Video gives your brand a face for the audiences, and they allow them to see, hear, and truly communicate with you.

Video helps you build a real connection with the people at a level that no other type of content can.

Videos make your brand stand above other competitors in the market, and they give your brand an edge.

Beyond increasing your conversation rate, videos build your goodwill, which will continue to drive your return on investment for a long time.


Tell a compelling story


There isn’t any better way to keep your audience engaged and make them feel a connection with the brand than to tell a strong story with compelling visuals.

When it comes to video marketing, you have as much creative space as you like.

You can create various styles of videos for leads at a different stage of buyers’ funnel, different digital and social media platforms, and numerous purposes.

The following are a few of the most popular types of videos that marketers and small business owners often use.

  • 2D animation videos – This style of videos has been popular for the longest of time. It offers exceptional versatility, from iconic Disney movies to amazing product videos that you often see on social media and websites.
  • Live-action videos – This style of videos is mainly being used by small business owners to record their customer testimonials and share them on different digital platforms. Client testimonial or product review videos are a great form of user-generated content that helps give more credibility to your brand and increase your social media influence. These videos also encourage prospects on the final stage of sales funnel to make their decision.
  • Whiteboard videos – This is another style of video that can fall under the broad range of animated and explainer videos. Whiteboard videos are great to explain a new concept, and mostly they follow the problem and solution approach.
  • Demo videos – You can create animated demo videos or screencast videos for software. These videos help share useful and essential information with audiences through an engaging medium, and these videos often cater to the middle of the sales funnel leads.

At its core, the idea of video marketing is to tell a story in a visual manner that keeps your audiences engaged.

The more you understand your audience and what kind of videos and stories they want to watch, the better results your video marketing efforts will yield.


Wrap up


These top five benefits of video marketing should help more small business owners see what amazing opportunities they are missing out by not yet investing in video content.

Video marketing can yield fantastic results, particularly when integrated with other marketing efforts like email campaigns, social media engagement, building a brand persona, and creating product awareness.

Jane Collen Guest Writer For Vancouver SEO Agency

Authored by Jane Collen

Jane Collen is a distinguished and highly experienced industry voice. She is an incredibly eager learner and is always excited to write about new and trending topics, but her field of expertise are 2D animation, and corporate video production trends.

Guest Writer

6 Amazing Chrome Extensions SEOs Can Use

6 Amazing Chrome Extensions SEOs Can Use

6 Amazing Chrome Extensions All SEOs Should Use

by Nabil Ansari | June 10, 2020

Guest Writer

Dataiku Model SEO Results

No two SEO tools were created equal. And if you’ve been a marketer for more than 2 minutes, then you know that SEO is one of the most important parts of online marketing. 

And since more than 90% of the people search on Google, they learn more about a local company online than through word of mouth like they used to in the old days (god I sound so old).

As an SEO myself, I know it can get pretty expensive once you start paying for just a handful of these tools. So that isn’t realistic.

And so in this list, I’m going to cover the top 6 chrome extensions you can use as an SEO to help you save time and make your workflow more efficient.


#1 Moz

In the world of SEO, everything is judged based on a website’s DA/PA (Domain Authority/Page Authority). The higher these two numbers are, the higher your rankings will be. And if you’re out hunting for guest posts, you can use these metrics to determine whether a website is worth doing a guest post for or not.


Thankfully, Mozbar is a chrome extension that Moz created that tells you the domain authority and page authority of any web page you visit. This makes things incredibly efficient for you, especially when you’re doing keyword research and competitor research to see how your website stacks up against theirs.


#2 Keyword Surfer

Whether you’re a high roller and use Ahrefs or SEMrush’s most expensive subscription plan, or whether you love saving money and use Ubersuggest, there’s one thing all of us go back to, is getting the keyword data we need to decide whether or not the volume and competition is worth going after.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you didn’t need to go back each time you needed to check that data for a keyword? Could you see all that info on the same page just like Mozbar?

Well, lucky for you Keyword Surfer already does that. So whenever you search for anything on Google, Keyword Surfer pulls the volume and your region.

Keyword Surfer Google Chrome Extention

And not just that, you also get a bunch of similar keywords that you can also dig into to find more low competition keywords you can target.

On top of that, if you scroll down a bit, you also get to see how many backlinks every result has. This will give you a bird’s eye view on how many backlinks you’d need to rank your website.

And from there you can dig into the results and see where those backlinks are coming from and try to get the same backlinks for your website as well.

Keyword Surfer Extension Dashboard

Keywords Everywhere is an alternative of this tool that provided all the same data (except the no. of backlinks) for free until last year. Now they have moved to a credits system which is still very cheap. You can get 100,000 credits for $10, which to be honest, should last almost every SEO for at least a year unless you have 10+ projects running simultaneously and you have to constantly keep doing keyword research for each one of them.

I’ve been using Keywords Everywhere for over a year now and haven’t run out of credits yet. I’m still at 96,000 credits as you can see.


#3 Ninja Outreach

This one is for SEOs like me who LOVE doing guest posts. And let’s be honest. It doesn’t matter how much on-page SEO you do. You won’t rank if you don’t build any links.

And this is why most people are never able to rank their websites – because they hate to do the tedious work of doing the outreach, writing the articles, and customizing the articles to make sure that they fit the guidelines of the website owner.

But with Ninja Outreach, it makes outreach a little bit easier. Once you land on a webpage, this extension will show you all the email addresses that are associated with the domain name.

And if you like the website, you can get all the contact info you need with a click of a button. 

From there all you need to do is to craft a customized email that they’d like to respond to, and hit send.


#4 Fatrank

This one is for SEOs who check their website rankings every day, and then verify those rankings manually by typing the search terms in Google.

I know we all do this, and it’s good, unless of course, this turns into a time suck and you end up wasting 2-3 hours figuring out where your webpage is and why it isn’t ranking as high as it should be.

An easier way to do this is to add the Fatrank extension, go to the website you want to check the rankings for, and type in the keyword you want to check your website’s ranking for.

It’s simple. It’s easy, and it’s quick. That way, you don’t spend too much time contemplating the reasons why your on-page SEO might not be good enough when in reality, you might just not have enough relevant links going to your homepage and the inner pages.


#5 SEOquake

If you want a detailed view of a website you’re visiting, this is the extension you absolutely need.

With this extension, you can get an overview of things like Alexa rank, indexing info for both, Google and Bing, and also your SEMrush rank.

For me personally, this is an invaluable tool because I spend most of my time searching for guest posts in various niches, and this extension gives an overview of all the outbound links going from a webpage that I’m visiting.

That info, combined with the indexing info helps me decide whether or not the website is worth getting a guest post from. Most of the websites you find when searching for guest posts will be almost similar to link farms, as in, they link out to a ton of different websites from within their blog posts, post about a ton of topics, and also posts 5-6 articles every day.

SEOquake helps me filter those websites out by showing me all the outbound links of the page in one place.


#6 Detailed SEO Extension

If you do a lot of local SEO for clients, then you know how important it is to have your on-page SEO on point. In a lot of cases, all you need to do is to get your on-page SEO right, create social profiles, and just send some citations. And that’s it. The website will rank for the keyword you’re targeting.

But all of that depends on whether or not you get your on-page SEO right.

So how do you know what you should do?

You can reverse engineer what your competitors are doing by using this extension.

Just go to their website and see what they’re doing in terms of the title tag, meta description, H tags, etc.

Detailed SEO Google Chrome Extension

Detailed SEO Extension Headers

See what keywords they’re repeating in those places and see how you can include them on your website in a unique way.



There are a ton of tools you can use as an SEO to make things more efficient for you. But you need to choose the right tools for YOU that will help you deliver better results than other SEOs out there.

Choosing the right chrome extensions is the right place to start because you spend almost your entire day in a web browser. So you need to be more efficient with the time you spend there.

Check these extensions out. You don’t have anything to lose because they are all free.

Also, what extensions are you currently using? Are any of them from the list I mentioned above? Let me know in the comments below.

Nabil Ansari SEO Guest Writer For VSA (1)

Authored by Nabil Ansari

Nabil has been doing SEO for almost half a decade and he is the owner of NabilAnsariSEO.com. He helps local businesses dominate their industries and achieve their goals by ranking them #1 for their target keywords and getting them the exposure they deserve.

Guest Writer

Five Must-Know Tips and Tricks for Quora Marketing

Five Must-Know Tips and Tricks for Quora Marketing

Five Must-Know Tips and Tricks for Quora Marketing

by Sorav Jain | May 23rd, 2020

Guest Writer

Anyone who wants to run a modern business successfully in the contemporary world has to look into digital marketing. There are several effective digital marketing tools today. Quora—the exclusive question-and-answer platform that satiates the needs of people from all walks of life—is considered one among the digital marketing trends for 2020

Quora is an engaging social media network that helps businesses to share a substantial volume of information while enabling them to promote their products and services efficiently.

Why is Quora Considered Crucial Among the Sophisticated Digital Marketing Tools?

Quora is one of the top social media platforms that are frequented by myriad users who visit for obtaining appropriate answers to their queries. With over an overwhelming 200 million unique visitors, Quora is no doubt a leading, unmatched digital marketing tool today. It is an excellent way to identify the issues that are puzzling the existing and potential user base of your business. 

Replying to Quora questions that are associated with your specific industry helps to demonstrate your skill and experience in the space, thus improving your brand’s image. Furthermore, it helps to influence people to contemplate a problem in a different way that projects your brand or product as a niche. 

Effective Tips and Tricks to get the best out of the modern social platform of Quora

Quora platform is among the top-rated digital marketing trends for 2020. There are certain strategies, following which, businesses may reap the complete benefits of Quora marketing

1. Creating an exceptional, captivating Quora profile is essential

Quora has a system of showing your bio in short right at the top of the page. This can be viewed by users. Care must be taken to mention your skills and industry experience so that people who visit get to know more about you and your brand. In fact, this is an excellent opportunity to perform effective branding. 

Quora allows you to show 50 characters of your profile that includes your name and bio; you may make the maximum out of this by mentioning your brand name at the beginning itself. 

You may opt for topic-specific bios as well, wherein, you may mention your experience and skills in the specific fields while answering questions related to those domains. 

To make your Quora profile complete, you may include as many details as possible:

  • Your areas of expertise
  • Detailed ‘about me’ section
  • Your interests
  • Your places and cities
  • Your previous businesses and companies
  • Your qualification and the educational institutions 

2. Refrain from self-promotion and excessive promotion

Answering questions related to subjects in which you have a high level of knowledge enhances your reputation on Quora. While you are given an opportunity to describe your brand here, do not forget that Quora is primarily about providing the best answers to users’ specific questions.

You need to help the Quora community and build your business through that only, and not by attempting to indulge in self-promotional activities. The success of making use of social media as robust digital marketing tools is achieved through enticing members to notice your brand. If they so desire, they would start using your products or services.

It never pays to market your products or website on Quora. Using influencer marketing is, of course, one of the marketing trends for 2020, but it is to be noted that you may resort to marketing only if a specific situation calls for it and adds value to users. Your focus must be on figuring out ways to give back as much to the community as possible. 

3. Choosing the best questions to answer is beneficial

Answering any questions on Quora is fine; it enables sharing knowledge and getting involved on a great level in the community, much like how Vancouver SEO Agency answered SEO questions on LinkedIn. But when using digital marketing tools, you need to follow a strategic way to answer users’ questions. The following are a few of the factors to be considered for such an approach:

  • First, search for the topic that you choose: This helps to significantly narrow down the questions you face. It will further enable you to pick the ones you can handle expertly. 
  • Go for a domain that is related to your business: Selecting questions associated with your specific business and its activities, and answering questions related to a topic that you have previously written about is essential. This equips you with experience, and meaningful stats can be shared, making your answers all the more relevant. 
  • Find threats that have a lot of upvotes: Upvotes are indicators that the specific questions have been viewed on a large scale. It is the popular answers that have the potential to attract a lot of views, and subsequent clicks back to your website.
  • Find questions that are new: Answers coming for fresh, new questions facilitate climbing to the top quickly. 

Questions are even more important than answers. Quora marketing is not just about providing answers, it encourages people to ask the best questions as well.

4. Answering questions with confidence and authority is imperative

You gain expertise and tend to influence people as you go on answering questions and spread knowledge. Unlike user-generated content, one of the immediate benefits of the Quora Platform is that individuals are viewed as authorities on specific subjects. The more you communicate and share your knowledge, the more the chance of you being considered an expert.

By providing great value through answers to questions, you may command great influence. To be able to provide good answers, you need to provide statistics, references, and sources. A short and relevant answer that points to some external resource is welcome.

The requirements of a short and good answer are

  • Ii must be specific
  • It must be focused
  • It must have a personality
  • You need to be passionate about the particular topic
  • You must adopt to storytelling and offer takeaways

You will gain the status of being an authority on a subject by providing answers that have qualities such as being brief and focused while including a link to offer the chance of learning more. 

5. Create your network

You may connect with other users who have interests similar to you by establishing your exclusive network. This is an essential Quora marketing strategy that has to be implemented by businesses. It is suggested that you keep trying continuously to increase your network connections. 

For achieving this, search for individuals having identical interests and those who appear to be obsessed with subjects that you find significant. People with similar preferences and interests in your preferred subjects and your trade will be good resources for developing your business. 

Quora, when used as an effective digital marketing tool, proves to be an excellent place for nurturing new and meaningful connections. The process is easy too. All you need to do is click the ‘follow topic’ button. 

The Significance of Quora in digital marketing trends for 2020

Quora, with its huge following on the Internet in the contemporary world, is not only excellent for communication but also a great opportunity for modern businesses to market their brands to their targeted audience. 

It has been estimated that nearly 37% of Quora users are likely to be from management positions. Quora, when used as a robust digital marketing tool, can help marketers to reach the top-brass and decision-makers of business organizations. 


Quora has audiences from all walks of life. It is not only being used by information seekers and commoners but also by experts from varied industries with different professional backgrounds. Accomplishing branding and marketing through this medium depends on adding value by providing insightful and useful answers to them, much like content marketing.


Authored by Sorav Jain

Guest Writer

Sorav Jain is a leading digital marketing expert and trainer. He is the Founder and Thinker-in-Chief of echoVME Digital, one of the best digital marketing companies in Chennai. He is also the Founder of Digital Scholar, India’s first agency-styled digital marketing institute. Sorav lives and breathes digital and is always looking to push the envelope in terms of profitable digital marketing solutions.

Why Link Building Is One Of The Most Important Parts Of Your SEO Strategy

Why Link Building Is One Of The Most Important Parts Of Your SEO Strategy

Why Link Building Is One Of The Most Important Parts Of Your SEO Strategy

by Hannah Stevenson | May 5th, 2020

Guest Writer

Link building is a crucial element of any SEO strategy, but it often gets a bad reputation because of poor quality agencies and websites that sell spammy links.

As a result, many businesses choose to overlook link building and instead focus on content creation on their site. 

While high-quality, relevant and insightful content is a vital part of any website optimization process, it shouldn’t be used in isolation. 

In fact, link building goes hand-in-hand with content creation to boost a website’s SEO. By working to build quality links to relevant content, companies can boost their website’s reach and rankings.

If you’re still skeptical about link building, then here are just some of the reasons why it’s a vital part of any SEO strategy and some advice on how you can do it right. 

Links Highlight The Relevance Of Your Content To Readers And Algorithms 

Relevance is a term you’ll hear a lot in the SEO market. That’s because it is one of the main ways that Google, the world’s biggest search engine, assess the relevance of websites and content pages, is to check the websites that link to it.

The search engine is committed to offering users the most relevant content for every search, which is why its algorithm scans websites and looks out for website content that not only contains relevant keywords but is also linked to by other websites. 

If other websites have used your content as a source, then the algorithm believes that it must be relevant and informative. 

As such, when they’re trawling the web seeking out content that will match the intention and needs of any given search, they will give more weight to the content that has been linked to by a lot of top-quality websites.

Therefore, the more relevant links your website has, the better your chance of reaching the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs) that you’re targeting. 

Readers will also be incentivized to click on source links within other articles, and they will naturally assume that this content is informative, as it has already influenced the content they have just read. 

As a result, links will help you to rank your website higher on search engines by showing the algorithms that your content is relevant for searches related to your chosen topic and keywords, and as such push your pages closer to the top of the SERPs you’re targeting. 

Being linked on other pages will also encourage clicks, which are also valuable to your SEO and your brand authority. 

Not All Links Are The Same

Many company owners think of link building as a covert operation that involves paying for links that may earn their website a penalty and lose them business. 

However, not all links are worth the same in SEO. High-quality links that are natural and on relevant, professional websites will benefit your website and help to show Google, and readers, that it is worth checking out.

Links on spammy, poorly designed websites that buy links will harm your SEO in the long-run, as Google will notice that you are associated with an irrelevant and bad quality website, which could lead to a virtual black mark against your site’s name.

As such, you need to be selective when building links, and avoid using low-quality, cheap services that will only ruin your reputation in the long run. 

Link Building Begins With Quality Content 

If you’re already investing heavily in your content creation strategy, then I’ve got good news for you; you’re halfway towards building quality links for your website.

Quality content can attract links organically because other content creators will seek out reliable sources for their articles. 

However, these organic links rely on your content already being respected and at the top of search engine results, which means that you need to push it to get it there.

The first step towards that is to promote your content on social media, and use paid adverts if your budget allows for this.

You also need to actively offer your content to other writers and website owners by searching for opportunities. You could propose writing guest posts for quality, relevant websites, or you could use the broken link method- searching for links that have been removed in other people’s content, then offering up your link as a replacement. 

However you do it, you need to push your content towards other website and blog owners so that you can grow its reach and build links. 

All of this work can take you away from your business and the work you do for your customers, which is why many companies seek out outsourced support or bring in teams to help them. If you’re looking for a high-quality link building agency, then search out one that has the same aims as you, and will put in the time and effort to build you top-quality links that will benefit your website’s SEO, not earn it a penalty.

These services often come at a premium, but you get what you pay for. By investing time and money into your link building, you’ll be able to boost your website’s SEO. It can feel like a long, arduous process, but it is a vital part of any business strategy in today’s digital age. 


As this article outlines, link building is a vital part of any SEO strategy, but it requires a lot of effort and hard work. Cheap link building isn’t beneficial and will only harm your website, so it’s crucial that you take the time to build high-quality links.

Bringing this strategy in-house or working with a high-quality external agency is the best way to ensure that you build links that will enhance your website and help you to achieve your business goals.

Authored by Hannah Stevenson

Guest Writer

Hannah Stevenson is the Content Marketing Manager at UK Linkology. She has extensive experience of content creation for link building, writing guest posts and creating innovative content for a wide range of purposes. She loves to share this knowledge with interested readers.