Podcasts and Why You Should Consider Starting One

by Linden Schwark
by Linden Schwark
Podcast Marketing and why you should start one

Podcasts are a type of digital media that continues to trend despite the boom of social media channels and video streaming content. In fact, 55% of US consumers are listening to podcast content in 2020 alone.

This audio content via the internet has impressive digital technology effects on information and communication in more ways than one. It makes all kinds of audio material highly accessible for on-the-go consumers. It is easy to multitask between getting your daily dose content and going about your daily tasks with podcasts.

iTunes made podcasts very popular through the advent of the iPod, thus the name, podcast. You can listen to the news, music, audio commentaries, business tips, and self-help material anywhere you go, no matter if you are driving, at work, or in your leisure time.

You gain access to industry experts and influencers and the rich, in-depth, and high-quality information in long-form, unlike most social media platforms that capitalize on short-form content.

Since audiences are getting more valuable material via podcasts, it deepens the connection you have with your audiences and gives you many opportunities to expand your reach beyond traditional digital media. It is also a great way to optimize different marketing strategies, such as advocacy marketing.

Content creators can also diversify their content and tap into a market that only podcasting can reach. Having a regular podcast also increases your credibility as an industry leader or thought leader in your niche.

It is why podcast content marketing is an excellent tool in brand awareness, building an audience, and expanding your exposure as a brand, whether you are a business enterprise or an independent podcaster.

Is Podcasting Good for Business and Brand-Building? 

The answer to this is a definite yes.

Businesses, especially in media and technology, are taking advantage of the many opportunities for promotion through podcasts. Towards the closing of 2020, we saw Amazon acquire Wondery, a $300-million-worth podcasting network. Just the year before that, music-content platform Spotify bought podcasting platforms Gimlet and Anchor.

If these industry giants recognize the massive exposure and earning potential in podcasting, how much more do smaller businesses, influencers, and brands? If you are given another tool that helps in boosting your content marketing, then take it. If it efficiently complements your blog and website, master the platform, and optimize it to improve your brand.

8 Reasons Why Do You Need to Start a Podcast

  •  Podcasts are easy to create and maintain.

Starting a podcast

Starting a podcast

Although professional podcasting tools may be expensive, you can jumpstart your podcasting with less expensive equipment, especially if you are a solo podcaster or a small business.

You can even create podcasts with your iPhone or a higher-quality Android phone. Podcasting does not need upfront investments like other media content. You can always upgrade your equipment as you progress or start profiting from your podcasts or campaigns.

You can decide to publish a podcast daily or a few times a week. Once you start your podcast, you will be surprised that keeping a podcast is easy.

With proper planning and an exact content creation schedule, you will consistently produce to grow your podcast followers. The preproduction stage is critical to the success of your podcast. Research your content efficiently, based on trending topics in your target market.

If you also run a website, you probably do. You can get cues from trending keywords you are vying for. You can easily connect your podcasts to your blogs as an added resource. It improves your web content by making it more dynamic since posts with multimedia content get more engagement and conversions.

  •  A podcast is more convenient for audiences to consume. 

Digital marketers are always vying for the market’s attention. But with the deluge of information available online, how do you optimally capture your audience’s attention?

With podcasts, you can make your content ever before your audience, everywhere they go, and even while doing essential tasks. Listening to podcasts also does not take much data on mobile devices, unlike video content or video streaming.

It is why podcasting’s share in the market continues to increase despite the plethora of media intended for audiences. The average amount of podcasts consumed in the US alone is already at 6 hours and 39 minutes in 2020.

  •  Podcasts effectively increase your audience and value.

Increase your podcast audience value

Grow your podcast audience

If you have a following as a blogger or a business through your website, it will do you good if you extend that potential through podcasting. Podcasts can diversify your audience, increase lead generation, and ultimately your network value.

Your followers will serve as advocates that bring in new visitors and followers. Advocacy marketing is a strategy you need to capitalize on, especially with no added acquisition cost.

Hosting a podcast site on various platforms like iTunes, SoundCloud, Buzzsprout, Simplecast, or Stitcher puts you in front of more audiences and increases your channel’s value.

The more people who listen to your podcast, the more you get the opportunity to link with other experts in your field. You can collaborate with other podcasters to amplify your channel’s value and what it can bring to your audiences.

  •  Podcasts help you build a more personal relationship with your audience.

Your individuality as an expert shines through with podcasts. You can create a script, but usually, podcasts are more spontaneous, raw, and unfiltered. It is similar to live video streaming that gives audiences a glimpse of who you are as a podcaster.

Like video content, podcasts are one of the fastest ways to create personal relationships and trust between you and your audience. Trust is key to creating brand loyalty and making your brand more relatable for audiences.

  •  Podcasts provide an avenue for long-form content.

Podcast long-form content

Podcast long-form content

Most content that we see today is in short-form, like tweets that are as short as 140 characters only. Other social media platforms allow longer posts but are generally still considered short-form. High-quality blog posts typically have anywhere between 2,500 to 3,000 words.

With a podcast, you can share long-form content and release more information to benefit your audiences. Although 3% of podcast listeners consume the beginning of podcasts, the rest of your listeners will stay for the rest of your show.

  •  There is less competition in podcasts.

Although there is a lot of podcast content out there, not everyone in your niche has one. It is where you can get an edge if you have your podcast channel.

The statistics for other forms of content show how stiff the competition is on those platforms. In terms of blogs, there are around 2 million posts published daily. There are about 500 hours of videos posted on YouTube every minute. But with audio podcasts, there are only 850,000 active podcasts and approximately 30 million episodes produced.

  •  Podcasts enable collaboration with industry peers and influencers.

Podcasts enable collaboration with industry influencers

Podcasts enable collaboration with industry influencers

Collaboration is a trending digital marketing strategy. Audiences love collaborations because it makes your content more entertaining.

Collabs or mash-ups between influencers or industry experts also provide more valuable content to audiences. It expands the information you usually provide to your followers.

Your guests also benefit from reaching a new set of audiences through your channel and vice versa. Building peer-to-peer relationships are essential to building your channel and your brand.

The more experts and industry peers you link with, the greater variety you have in terms of content options. You also widen your reach as an industry expert when you return the favour and add value to other experts’ podcasts by becoming a guest or resource person yourself.

  •  Podcasts create community.

Since 80% of podcast audiences are avid listeners, they are more likely to band together and create a growing, thriving community of fans and advocates around your channel.

You can also help culture this community by rewarding their efforts with promos and or exclusive offers. Engage with them through comments or encourage them to send you voice messages.

This way, you also get to know your audiences better. You can gather insights from them directly in what kind of content or information you want to hear in your podcast channel.

Feedback is also essential, even for podcasts. Open up to user-generated content such as comments and the like to get valuable feedback about the content you create.

Loyal listeners become loyal customers. They are the ones that are most likely going to support your promotions, products, and other services. You establish brand affinity better when you build a strong community around your podcast channel.

Conclusion: Boost Your Brand with Podcasts

Boost your brand's voice with podcasts

Boost your brand’s voice with podcasts

The rise of the mobile app also launched podcasts into mainstream media. Podcasts may have originated with Apple, but the 3.75 billion active users of Android compared to Apple iOS users numbering at 1.25 billion propels podcast’s growth to continue increasing.

Moreover, since Google now includes podcasts in search results, it is high time to integrate podcasting into your SEO strategies so you can keep boosting your brand or business.

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