How to Create a Winning Intro Video for Your Website or Marketing Campaigns

by Linden Schwark
by Linden Schwark
How to create an intro video for business and marketing

Video marketing has always been a game-changer when it comes to websites and marketing campaigns. They bring content to the next level, and the level of engagement also increases when you use videos. It’s no surprise that nothing works as well as videos when it comes to advertisements.

Video content can also increase sales, help find new clients, and raise brand awareness. It can also help drive more traffic to the website and help build the company’s reputation.

The percentage of millennial consumers who make business-to-to-business (B2B) product or service purchases before looking at online videos is a very high percentage. Approximately 29% of millennials rely on online videos before making a purchase. Two in ten B2B customers often use these solutions to settle their company issues.

Now that the rise of video platforms like Twitch, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube has made it easier to consume videos, a greater percentage of people have taken to watching videos than ever before. According to a recent study, four of the top eight distribution outlets in which consumers globally view video content were social channels.

What Your Video Marketing Content Should BE (The 4 “P”s)


Your video needs to look high-quality. If you are using the video for marketing or for your website, it has to look professionally made, so it catches users’ attention and is share-worthy as well. If you are a new website with not a lot of funds, you can still create professional-looking videos without expensive equipment or a specialized crew to do the job. Whether you are making a live-action video, an animation, or the like, make sure that your video content looks topnotch.

Use professional tools to produce high-quality imagery on your videos, like Adobe Photoshop or CorelDraw Graphics Suite. If you are on a tight budget, you can access a lot of free editing platforms on the web as well, so there is no excuse why you cannot produce professional-looking videos, especially since audiences have a high expectation for it.


Your video needs to have a clear vision of what it needs to do, even if it is a 30-second clip. You need to sit down with your creative team, however big or small your team is, and put down a script to direct your video-making process. For instance, if you are making a 2-minute intro video, how would you successfully show who you are as a brand, capture your audience, and communicate key points and call-to-action. And since videos can now be captioned, you can create a plan as to what keywords or phrases you would include, to boost your ranking on SERP or your marketing campaign.


Use the best equipment and devices available to you and your team. Find the perfect location and make sure the lighting is sufficient. If you are making live-action videos, make sure that people in the video look pleasing and represent your brand in the best way possible. If this is your one chance to make an impression, make the best one.


Your video needs to be focused, brief, and on-point. Know your audience and speak their lingo. Keep it short and simple (KISS). Videos should be between about a minute or two in length, but never beyond this because it is too long. Even a full two-minute video can be time-consuming to watch for users that are on-the-go.

Ways to Create Video Marketing Content

  •  Use Storytelling as a Video Marketing Strategy

Storytelling is a web design strategy that conveys content in a simple and relevant manner. If you want your website and digital marketing campaigns to stand out in 2021, you must come up with unconventional ways to reach your target audience.

Bear in mind that your audiences aren’t solely interested in your brand or your products. They embrace your brand because of what your brand stands for, and how your brand brings value to their lives.

But storytelling becomes more effective for websites if it is in video form. Unlike the slew of annoying and repelling video ads that turn off most users, focus your video on the story rather than the sale. Remember that the same principles apply to video marketing as they do to written content marketing. You need to focus on the value you’re delivering for your clients.

Make the most of the video’s emotional strength by catering to your customers’ wishes and latent impulses. At the end of the video, you should still have a strategic and appropriate CTA (call-to-action) as well as a monitored URL that fits into your overall story.

  • Create Compelling 10-Second Video Features

You have about 10 seconds or less to secure at least 20% of viewers clicking away from your video. It is why you need to make videos that are gripping from the get-go. Get right to the grit of the story, and use visual imagery that piques the curiosity of your audience right away.

To capture your audience’s attention right away, try posing questions and using teasers to pique their interest. Your video should instantly express its importance and address the question, “Why should I watch it?”

If you are successful in grabbing their attention, they will click on your video, even dwell on your landing page or website, and either convert right away, or come back at another time for a possible conversion.

  • Use Webinars for Demo Videos

Webinars are excellent tools for using video for promoting your product or service, whether it is new or you are simply reintroducing or reiterating it to your audience.

For instance, CK12, a free and online learning provider, holds different webinars yearly to teach new users of their website, and also to refresh existing users.

Webinars allow your audience to engage with you in real-time. With this, you will be able to respond to everyone’s questions confidently. The best thing about webinars is that they can later be uploaded to your website, on social media platforms, and even through email marketing, to spread more awareness and extend the life of your video content.

This form of video marketing is used by well-known brands such as NetSuite to advertise their new products. Their live webinars uploaded on YouTube are still garnering views to this day.

To host a webinar for your brand, you can use tools like Zoom, ClickMeeting, and the like.

Zoom enables you to host webinars that concentrate on the presenters rather than just the presentation slides. This provides a more intimate or personal interaction with your audience and enables presenters to monitor the experience and eliminate audience interruptions.

Webinars in Zoom can be scaled to extremely wide audiences of up to 50,000 people at a time. You can also extend your external audience by live streaming your event on YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and other custom streaming services.

ClickMeeting enables you to manage both live and automated webinars, allowing you to easily and scalably deliver your product demo. Furthermore, its automated webinar timeline editor will assist you in customizing your webinar.

To build your webinar, drag and drop elements such as clickable deals, external images, and interactive surveys onto the timeline. This will assist you in developing engaging and conversion-optimized product demo presentations.

  • Q&A Videos

It is important to consider the needs of your customers before releasing your product or service into the market. Getting the questions right is more critical before releasing product and service promotions.

Responding to all of the questions in text (via e-mails or online comments) is not practical, even feasible, for your brand. It is why nearly 82% of customers rely on brands’ social media for live video content.

As a result, it’s best to use social media to share live video Q&A sessions with your target audience. This will assist in increasing conversions and interactions around your promotion.

  • Add Humor in Your Videos When Appropriate

Humour has a place even in professional or corporate videos. When used appropriately, it adds character to your videos and makes them more dynamic. Audiences like humour because they want to be entertained and enlightened. When done tastefully, a brand can benefit from using humour in their video content.

When a video has humour injected into it, the video comes across as more relaxed and relatable. It also helps your video stand out in the stiffly competitive world of digital marketing.

  • BTS or Behind-the-Scenes Videos

Behind-the-scenes (BTS) videos act as exclusive footage, enabling your customers to get a brief insight into your brand and the business operations behind it. This form of video will make them feel special, which increases their confidence in your brand.

Transparency does not mean that you should be forthcoming about your profit margins. But marketing strategies that are open and honest reinforce your relationships with your clients and consumers, thus increasing trust with your brand.

Use BTS videos to show your audience the workings of your business highlight various features of your organization, such as your work environment, the people behind the brand, or even the early beginnings of your business.

You can collaborate with influencers and invite them to visit to take a look at your company and what goes on a typical day. You can also invite them to show preparations for a new product or service to build steam for your next launch.

Furthermore, you can ask them to manage your social media for the day and send out personal or behind-the-the-the-scenes content updates on your behalf. This will help you in attracting the interest of both your audience and theirs.

  • Tag Your Videos to Optimize for SEO

There are plenty of tactics you can use to ensure your videos get found easier in search engines. The first thing you should do to derive the maximum SEO value from your video before you upload your video to any sharing sites or host it on your own domain.

It’s also important to enable embedding on your video as this will help you increase the likelihood of receiving inbound marketing links. You can get video sitemaps to make your video content more accessible.

Include relevant keywords and concise but clear descriptions as well in your video so Google’s search bots can analyze your video and understand what the content is about. This increases the likelihood of your video ranking on SERP. You get an extra edge against your competitors, especially since search results with videos get highlighted on SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).

Conclusion: Stand Out From the Competition with Videos

The video landscape is constantly evolving, but the right implementation can do wonders for your business. It can boost your sales, increase retention, and help build a great brand enriching customer experience. A visual approach is the best way to ensure that the brand message is conveyed to your audience quickly.

In these changing and challenging times, most businesses had to migrate online to thrive. The competition is as stiff as can be in digital marketing, and so you need all the leverage you can get for your brand. Video marketing is a sure-fire way to get that edge.

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Linden Schwark
Linden Schwark is the CEO and Lead SEO Strategist of VSA. For the last 7 years, he has helped business owners reach their goals by dramatically increasing their online presence. In that time, Linden has ranked 100’s of web pages on Google for high competition searches, including his own website

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