A Guide to Law Firm Content Marketing in 2021

by Linden Schwark
by Linden Schwark
Law Firm Content Marketing

One of the biggest mistakes a law firm or legal marketing company can make in 2021 is ignoring the content they produce. The quality of content a law firm generates is the backbone of any advertising campaign.

While most law firms or marketing outlets have jumped on the craze of paid social media advertising. It’s a valuable investment to spend your resources on optimizing your legal content marketing organically.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, organic, original content increases your conversion rate of legal leads to signed cases by 6 fold. Vs paid advertising.

The most important steps in creating your legal marketing content include:

  1. Extensive Keyword and Topic Research
  2. Deciding on the Best Content Strategy
  3. Learn to be Fluid with Your Legal Marketing Content
  4. Realize the Impact that COVID has had on Legal Marketing
  5. Use Authority or Influencers Based Content
  6. Optimize Your Conversion of Unique Visitors to Valid Leads
  7. Track All Your Results and Your Return on Investment.
  8. Utilize Your Available Resources to Promote Your Content

By following this guide, you can utilize your original content to attract new visitors and convert those readers into qualified leads. Let’s get started:

Legal Content Topics and Keyword Research

The single most important part of creating legal content is understanding what your objective is.

While doing research you have to understand who your target audience is.

Understanding the goals of legal content writing is key.

There are many ways to look at legal marketing ideas. Before starting a campaign, research the targets you want to connect with and provide those targets with a compelling reason to respond and interact.

When it comes to selecting the best keyword for law firm content marketing, many say it’s “art vs science”. There are a variety of tools that can be used to analyze legal marketing keywords. The simplest method is entering a phrase you believe your audience will search into Google and see the results.

For example type in “free employment advice online”, on Google. The suggested searched selections at the bottom of the page should provide a path of alternate keywords that can be targeted. An old legal marketing trick is to find some of those “alternate keywords” and focusing on those words can provide you with a great return on your investment.

Other very insightful free legal content keyword tools include https://keywordtool.io/ and Google’s new Adwords Planner. These tools will give you a gauge on how competitive your keyword strategy plan is and give insights on the latest law firm marketing trends.

Best Law Firm Content Marketing Strategies

When choosing your law firm marketing strategy there are a number of factors to take into consideration.

Identify Who You Want to Be:

  • Are you a class action firm looking to sign up as many people as possible that may qualify?
  • Are you a personal injury firm, looking for specific locations where (PNC) potential new clients may have been injured?
  • Are you a Mass Tort firm looking for specific criteria which lead to case conversation?
  • Are you trying to market to attorneys to refer them cases for a percentage fee?

These are just some of a few questions you need to ask yourself in order to properly meet the needs of visitors to your website. All of these questions must be answered to ensure you gain the best return on investment on your legal content strategy.

Keeping Your Legal Marketing Ideas Current

If there is one thing the internet loves, it’s fresh content. Regardless of any search or social media platform, everyone loves fresh content. When asked “does publishing new content help?”, we absolutely say yes. Providing fresh up to date information on a legal issue proves to a potential new client or referral attorney your firm is on top and experts of the litigation.

The Impact of COVID on Legal Marketing Content

COVID has obviously had a huge impact on all of us, which greatly impacted legal marketing. As millions of Americans have been laid off or remained unemployed during the pandemic, this has greatly affected how lawyers market their services.

Covid and legal marketing content

Covid and legal marketing content

The pandemic has impacted the legal industry in various ways. With all of us staying at home as much as possible, there have been fewer personal injury cases, to put it bluntly. Law firms have had to be flexible in their marketing content and advertising budgets to stay current in these unforeseen times.

For example, we have seen traditional personal injury firms have successfully transitioned to service bankruptcy or debt assistance clients during the peak of this pandemic.

As stated above, it is extremely important to be current on your legal marketing strategy.

Using Authority or Influencers in Legal Content Marketing

If possible when creating legal marketing content, it’s always best to have the support of an Authority or Influencer on the topic you are writing on. This can be a lawyer at the law firm who is an expert in the practice area. It can be a client who wants to tell his/her story about their lawsuit you are marketing for.

A simple rule of thumb, if your law firm files a new lawsuit, utilize that content in your attorney marketing plan, as it will help promote both the attorney and the firm.

By using experts and influencers you not only back the credibility of your content, but you can also gain the interest of the media to help promote your content. There are various press release services for legal content, both paid and free to use at your disposal to additionally help promote your content.

Optimizing for Lead to Client Conversions

The ultimate goal of legal content marketing is not to get as many visitors to your online properties as possible, it’s to get the most leads. With current law firm marketing trends, your content has to both be informative and generate a call to action.

Depending on the technology at your disposal, you can include everything from a basic website contact form to a live online chat, to a direct dial to your law firm or call center.

When providing legal marketing content to a potential client, always remember to use “empathy”. More than likely your new client has been harmed and is scared or confused about what to do next. By using empathy and an expert voice you will be more likely to engage your target audience.

Tracking the Results of Your Legal Contact Marketing

Now that you have a proper plan in terms of how to create relevant, creative, interactive legal marketing content, the work is not over. Tracking your conversion data is paramount to any success in the online legal industry.

There are many tracking tools that will give you real-time statistics of how many visitors you are converting to cases. Some of the most popular tracking platforms include Google Analytics.

Promotion of Legal Marketing Content

Great, once you have optimized your legal market strategy, it’s imperative you share and promote your legal marketing content. Share your content via any social media platforms you have available (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc).

If your posts or content are newsworthy send them to media outlets that may pick up the story. News outlets are hungry for new content and by sending them stories you can increase exposure for your cause and your law firm’s brand.

Law Firm Content Marketing Overview

Working law firm marketing content is very difficult. It’s a very competitive industry with everyone trying to come up with the next legal marketing ideas. It’s important to stay fluid in your legal content writing. Litigation changes from day to day, and providing fresh, unique content will make you stand out to both referring attorneys and new possible clients.

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