8 Ways to Improve Your Bounce Rate

8 Ways to Improve Your Bounce Rate

Let’s dive into eight proven ways to cut down your bounce rate and boost conversions.

1. Speed up Your Page Load Time

47% of people expect a web page to load in two seconds or less. After a mere three seconds of loading, people tend to hit the back button and choose the next site—most likely one of your competitors.

Here’s a rule of thumb: the slower your landing pages load, the higher your bounce rate will be. Site speed is also important when it comes to rankings—if your site is consistently slow to load, you may slip behind competitors on search engine results pages.

Determine your current site speed using the Pingdom Speed test tool. Copy and paste your site’s URL and hit “test now.”

2. Revamp Your Meta Descriptions

One of the easiest ways to optimize your bounce rate is to optimize your meta descriptions for search users. What are meta descriptions? They’re HTML attributes that describe what a particular web page is about.

The purpose of a meta description is to tell a user whether a search result is right for them. The best meta descriptions are 155 characters or less—longer descriptions are cut short with an ellipsis.

What makes a meta description compelling? Remember to include target keywords (i.e., words that pinpoint what users are looking for) and a direct call-to-action (such as “just click to find out more”).

3. Target the Right Keywords

97% of Google’s revenue is derived from advertising. That’s how important keywords are—the majority of Google’s revenue comes from targeting expensive keywords. Keywords can make or break any content marketing campaign.

The trick to targeting the right keywords is to focus on high-value keywords that convey not just traffic and conversion value, but also persona and brand value. Remember: not all keywords are created equal. When it comes to choosing keywords, pick ones that will improve your traffic and conversion while enhancing your authority and digital reputation.

4. Make Multiple Landing Pages

If we’re talking about landing pages, there’s only one thing to say: the more, the merrier. Landing pages increase your click-through rate by creating a richer experience for your visitors.

Let’s take a look at your stats for a second. Are most people exiting your site from the homepage? Exiting from the homepage often correlates to a high bounce rate. The solution? Create more landing pages based on high-value keywords that target your niche, increase engagement, and cultivate a positive user experience.

5. Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

When customers visit your site on their smartphone or tablet, does your site display the way you want it to? In other words, is your website design mobile-friendly?

Nearly 95% of customers are on mobile. Make sure you accommodate mobile visitors—not just to improve your bounce rate, but your search ranking as well. At the end of the day, sites that aren’t mobile-friendly won’t rank or perform as well as you want them to.

6. Build Credibility

Credibility describes how others perceive you. For websites, credibility is an indicator of trustworthiness, which is essential for reducing your bounce rate and driving meaningful traffic. 80% of users say that being able to trust the information they read on a website is incredibly important.

How do you build credibility and trust among your target audience? Try creating useful, compelling content that keeps readers engaged and interested. If you’re managing transactions, and an easy way to instill confidence in your customers is by assuring them that their personal information is safe in your hands.

7. Focus on Your Call-to-Action (CTA)

Let’s say you’ve attracted a visitor to your site, have hooked them with a powerful headline, and reeled them in with your content—but at the end of it all, your CTA is weak, or, even worse, you don’t have a CTA at all.

The point of your site is to compel a visitor to make a purchasing decision, or at least think about it. If your CTA isn’t optimized, your exit rate increases and you lose what was a potential conversion.

Spend some time on your CTA. Make sure the wording is compelling, the button is big enough, and you’ve instilled a sense of urgency. Appealing CTAs often involve a free trial or a limited-time offer.

8. Eliminate Popups

Our last tip is fairly straightforward. Popups are annoying and often lead to a higher bounce rate. Even if you’re a hardcore popup advocate that relies on compelling language in your popups, the fact is that popups disrupt your user experience by interrupting your visitor’s reading or browsing session. Get rid of them!

Optimize Your Conversion Rate With Professional Digital Marketing Services

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Key Tips to Boost Social Media Engagement for More Conversions

Key Tips to Boost Social Media Engagement for More Conversions

Have you been using social media to engage with your fans and grow your brand? 

Few people still need to get with the times and understand the latest evolving trends. There are now 3.5 billion social media users in this world, and as your customers are active on social media platforms, you need to establish an online presence as well.

An average user spends more than half of their time on social media.

But as a business, how can you make an impact in the market?

Simply, by enhancing your social media engagement.

According to the latest social media statistics, Facebook and Instagram have been shaping the social media landscape and are ever-evolving. These platforms show us the real power social media can have on our brands.

In fact, if you want to grow your customer-brand connections, generate leads, and maximize your ROI, these platforms can help show us the real power social media can have on our brand, which is by focusing on increasing your social media conversion rate. Therefore, strong social media engagement.

If you are not successful at engaging with your audience, know that you lack a clear idea or a strategic statement as to what you have to accomplish.

Key tips to help you maximize your conversions

1) Create content that suits your target audience

First and foremost, make sure you share content with a relevant audience and not the wrong audience. For this, you need to know your audience.

A few ways to learn about your audience:

  • Devising a customer persona to help us know our target market regarding age, sex, location, income, marital status of our target audience.
  • Conduct surveys with your regulars to understand your audience better.
  • And make the most of social media insights that give you an overview of your audience most liked and their activity.

2) Be more humorous and less promotional

Focus on producing relatable and valuable content. Share content that is of value to your audience and keeps up with current trends.

Instead of broadcasting about your products, indulge your audience in some funny situations. People are far more likely to engage with posts that are funny and interactive.

Come up with relatable memes or puns that can give your audience a healthy dose of humour but in place does relate or promote your brand.

3) Enhance your visual content

No matter what platform, people love watching visual content. In fact, just by adding pictures or videos, you can drastically increase the rate of conversion.

Start with creating short and interactive videos, do not opt for long visuals as the audience certainly gets distracted easily and tend to lose interest. For example, Reels on Instagram, Facebook ads, pictures on Twitter.

Secondly, use good quality photos, keep a consistent colour theme for your profile, and designs to enhance your posts or stories.

Use trendy hashtags that are relevant to your niche to better your reach on social media.

4) Opt for influencer marketing

Working with influencers and using their creativity to promote your brand or product is an excellent way to increase your social media engagement.

Initially, you can start working with influencers who have a few thousand followers and later opt for influencers with a huge following.

To make the most of the follower base, make sure to work with influencers that are relevant to your niche.

For example, post videos in which you feature the influencer you have a collab with or send your products as a PR package for them to post and review it on their page for you.

5) Run social media contests and be active

Another way is by getting your audience excited to win something. You can run contests that are related to your brand or product and ask your followers to post it on their respective profiles.

For example, you could ask your followers to follow a particular page or post a picture with your product in order to qualify for the contest.

You can also make a trendy hashtag and ask your followers to use it while posting their entries. If successful, this will also help you trend and gain followers on your page.

Offering exclusive promotions and interacting with your audience is also one of the necessities to boost engagement. To maintain your following,

make sure to be active on social media on day to day basis. Interact as much as you can, go on live sessions, address their queries, and try replying to their comments whenever possible. This will make them feel valued.

6) Feature your customer –

By featuring your user-generated content obtained from your fans or customers, you can prove your authenticity and provide social proof to the rest of the audience. These pictures or reviews will show your audience what the product looks like, also reading real people reviews satisfies their doubts, therefore building trust.

For example, pictures of people using or wearing your brand or screenshots of your positive customer reviews.

7) Plan your week and schedule posts for the right time –

As users are not online 24/7, you need to timely plan and schedule your posts.

Schedule your posts when most of your followers are online, and systematically plan out your weekly posts to have a smooth flow of quality content readily available for the coming week.

A lot of tools are available online to help smoothen this process. Remember, your results vary from platform to platform, so make sure to analyze these platforms individually for the best results.

8) Track your conversions –

Tracking your conversion rate is the best way to know where you lacking behind. With the help of google analytics, you can know what is performing the best and where is the need for improvement.

This also gives you an overview of your goals reached and the ones that are yet to be obtained.


For modern brands with an online presence, strong social media engagement is a sign of their impact on the market, and to have the best impact start adding these key tips to your social media marketing strategy. 

If you follow these tips, it will not only help you find followers but also help you convert them into customers.

7 Affordable Marketing Analytics Tools to Save Your Money

7 Affordable Marketing Analytics Tools to Save Your Money

7 Affordable Marketing Analytics Tools to Save Your Money

We live in a data-driven world, so measurements and analytics are essential for any marketer or business owner. Especially this 2020 year is teaching us that awareness of accurate data and flexibility to use that are important keys for running a successful business. Because of the pandemic, people change the way they consume and search for particular products or services. Not to see your profits dry up, we should be ready for changes.

To keep your online business profitable, I recommend you try the top 7 affordable marketing analytics tools. You may didn’t hear about some of them, but give it a try! All of them provide accurate analytical data and save your money – it’s not the right time to overpay for famous brands.

Let’s dive in!

1. Viralstat

Are you looking for the hottest trends in social media or YouTube to grow your audience? Viralstat is the tool to track, analyze, and compare thousands of social channels. I consider this product as the best in the scope of social video analytics.

What kind of data can you get with Viralstat? Video campaigns and social activity of the leaders in your industry, new content ideas from the most viral stories and the latest trends in the industry, large database of influencers and experts with statistics, YouTube analytics to lower ad cost, and increase ROI.

Main features:

  • Social Video Intelligence
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Content Discovery
  • Influencer Research
  • YouTube Ads Optimization
  • And lots of other features

Price: The basic plan costs only 29 USD/m. 7 days of free trial access.


Wincher analytics tool

Wincher is a keyword rank tracker, packed with features. What’s unique about this product?

First of all, it works on a dynamic pricing model. So only you decide how many domains you wish to track and pay monthly. Each additional domain or 100 keywords cost only 3 EUR/m!

Also, you can add your teammates and track competitors absolutely for free regardless of the volumes. Besides that Wincher allows you to optimize your webpages with a free on-page SEO tool and use keyword research tool, fully integrated with the rank tracker.

Price: 10 EUR/m for tracking 1 domain and up to 100 keywords. Any additional one costs 3 EUR/m.


Buzzsumo is everything you need to track both web content and social media engagement across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Its features cover keyword research, competitor analysis, identifying top influencers in the niche, measure your content marketing outcome, and find ways to improve the performance.

Even with a free version, you can identify the websites, influencers, and posts that are the most popular in your niche. Armed with that data, you can produce your own content that will definitely resonate with your target audience.

Price: starts from 99$/m for unlimited monthly searches. 1 month of a free trial.

buzzsumo tool

Image Credit

4. Surfer

Amazing data-driven on-page SEO tool with lots of features. If you are tired of manually analyzing all of your web content and organic competitors, just try Surfer out. They focus on datasets that can help marketers and content creators to make the right decisions.

Surfer includes such features as Keyword Research, Content Editor, SEO Audit and unique SERP analyzer, which will discover optimal keyword density and compare your page to the competition.

They also offer free Google Chrome Extension – Keyword Surfer. It will help to reveal search data and perform keyword searches in Google.

Pricing. 7 days of trial access for 1$. Paid plans start from 49$/m.


OWOX BI is an all-in-one tool for attribution modelling, reporting, and forecasting. It helps marketers and analysts to go beyond the typical Google products data like GSC or GA.

The product is quite advanced. It’s developed to meet the demands of professionals, solving not-trial tasks of data multistreaming. OWOX BI provides marketing analytics with predictions, insights, and alarms. Besides that, the tool has an amazing report constructor, that allows us to build various customized reports.

Get a complete overview of your marketing performance with OWOX BI.

Price: starts at 55$ per month. Free trial without credit card details.

OWOX BI analytics tool

Image Credit: OWOX

6. Clicky

It’s a complete web analytic tool with some unique features. One of the most attractive ones is the heatmap builder. It helps to analyze how visitors of your website interact with your pages and CTA. Clicky shows the intense by highlighting red, yellow, and orange heatmaps over the areas people interact with the most. With this data, you can reveal what attracts your visitors and what objects they ignore.

Clicky combines historic data and real-time website tracking in easy and elegant ways. Providing the highest value and power, the platform offers integrations for a huge number of web software packages (such as Tumblr, Squarespace, Vanilla Forums, Magento, and Joomla). Moreover, there are two WordPress plugins.

If you need access to rich data and deep analytics, try Clicky. That’s totally free!

Price: free version. Paid plans start from 10 USD/m.

Clicky analytics tool

Image Credit: EzeeTraffic

7.Signum AI

I couldn’t ignore this AI-powered platform, as it’s an absolute depository of leads for your business. That’s always actual, especially in this challenging time when consumer preferences are changing a lot.

So Signum is a toolkit for advanced lead generation with the help of Artificial Intelligence. The main idea is in cutting down the cost and time for manual searching for new leads and customers. The platform will parse the audience and collect warm and loyal potential customers. It’s based on your criteria and triggers set.

I would recommend every marketer and business owner try it out once, as in most cases revenue and ROI are doubled!

Price: customized according to your needs.

Summing up

I’ve collected less famous, but powerful and affordable analytics tools with different ideas in the core. If you want to collect exclusive growth insights, just try them out. Especially when most of them offer a free trial without credit card submission.

Be sure that analytics and accurate web data will help you to reduce the cost and understand your audience better. It will lead to growth and better decisions without guessing.

Stay adaptable and keep growing regardless of the changes outside!

Banner Blindness: how to make people love your ads

Banner Blindness: how to make people love your ads

In the ever-changing digital advertising world, you might think if banner ads are still important and useful.

The first banner ad was launched in 1994 and a 44 percent click-through rate (CTR) was achieved. Since then, the number of banner ads served and seen by web users has risen tremendously, but the high CTR has not been sustained.

The average click-through rate was no more than 2 percent in 1995 and a total of roughly 0.6 percent in 2003. Solve Media also published such strong statements in 2011 as “You are more likely to climb Mount Everest than click a banner ad” to demonstrate how rare clicks are for banner advertising.

There is also this pervasive concept that banner ads are less effective now. It is strengthened by factors such as the increased use of ad blockers and the growth of bot clicks. The problem of banner blindness is at the root of it all.

This is quite shocking, to say that 380 million people used Adblock software on their mobile browsers last year, and 236 million people used Adblock software on their desktop browsers.

The risk of malware, interruption, slow website loading time, too many advertisements on too many web pages, and monitoring by unknown parties are some of the reasons why users chose to use Adblock software.

Does this mean that there is no point in creating ad strategies for displays?

The situation is quite the opposite, you can significantly increase brand recognition and ROI when you create display ads that hit the right audience with the right message.

In this article, I will throw some light on the concept of banner blindness and how you can overcome this problem.

Display Ads – Some Facts & Figures:

The marketing world is changing and our tactics are also changing. The recent results of the research will help you to understand how your audience view paid advertisement today and why you are thinking about changing your approach.

  • About 30% of Internet users say that traditional banner advertising is distracted and actively avoids websites on which advertisements interact too much with content. (journalistsresource)
  • 92% of the commercials online are not even seen. (LinkedIn)
  • Adblocking is blamed for losing $22 trillion to the advertisement industry in 2015. (The Wall Street Journal)
  • 64% say today’s advertisements are distracting or disruptive. (Hubspot)
  • 15% of people trust banner ads entirely or partly, compared to 29% for TV ads. (Digiday)
  • 34% of people generally say they click on online ads by chance. (Hubspot)

Here are some facts that will encourage you to review your strategy and keep your audience in mind:

  • Over the last 12 months, the number of users blocking online advertising has grown by 41%, with blockers being used by nearly 198 million users. These blockers have a significant influence on the efficacy of online advertisements. (PageFair)
  • Since 2015, programmatic advertising has risen from $17.50 billion to an estimated $45.72 billion by 2019. These totals account for two-thirds of digital display ads in programmatic advertising. Smart advertisers take note and turn to display ads. Programmatic advertising has become the most enticing choice for those who are developing an online advertising campaign. (zyp.tv)

What is Banner Blindness?

Techopedia defines banner blindness as:

“Banner blindness is a particular phenomenon in online advertising, where users ignore ad banners on a page”. 

Recent studies have shown that, in many cases, several internet users have some form of banner blindness. Repetitive studies indicate that people are far more likely to concentrate on the core text and site headlines than even looking at or engaging with ad banners on the top or side of the page.

Banner blindness began early in the life of the Internet when more and more people discovered that banner ads were mostly low-value additions to the website. It’s also quick to ignore these ads after they’ve been set up to do so since they’re usually on the page’s periphery.

Some studies show that up to 86% of readers do not rely on banner ads at all. To fight banner blindness, marketers have used innovative tricks such as making banner advertising appear like computer machine notifications. This increases the effectiveness of banner ads, but they are still generally seen as somewhat outdated and somewhat unsuccessful in online advertising.

How to create banner ads that People Love

Businesses are relying on advertisements. That’s how they get their messages through to their potential customers. But the thing is, there’s so much content out there, your ads are at high risk of being lost in hundreds of other ads out there. Your ads need to attract people’s attention. You want to create ads that people are going to love. Anything they’re going to remember. An ad that makes them want to click it. Use these tips to hit your target audience and raise conversions, producing ads that people really love.

Banner Ad Example

Image Source: Bannersnack

Free Products and Offers:

Who’s not in love with free stuff? Ads that offer away free stuff will always attract people. But don’t use this strategy to trick people, or you’re going to see a massive bounce rate.

Talking about free products, one of the latest best ways to sell yourself to social media is influencer marketing. Let anyone with a decent number of Instagram followers use your product/services for free. Let them chat about your brand to their followers. Here’s another way you can get to this. Give them free stuff or discount vouchers, and let them give away on their social media page. This approach guarantees a high degree of commitment, and you’ll get the attention you want.

Embrace Personality:

Some businesses have more in-depth brand instructions than others. The instructions include the marketing terminology of the boilerplate, which is a symbol of the personality of the brand. While this may change over time, creating the personality of your brand is key to building brand loyalty.

Well, then what is it? The brand personality should synthesize the founder’s vision and ambitions, the target audience’s lifestyles, and cohere within its platform setting — where the first two elements blend into the user’s entertainment community, whether in a YouTube ad clip or a personalized Instagram ad. Brand personality is a key icebreaker and leaves the ball in the consumer’s court: it’s the start of a discussion that encourages customers to respond.

Banner Ad Example 2

Image Source: Bannersnack

Social proof. Statistics:

It’s not a secret that most of us act like the majority of us do. Every one of us is a member of society. And we obey the rules, the fashion, the habits, the examples that other people are suggesting to us. This illustrates why the feedback and suggestions of your customers would definitely work. If you add any statistics, such as “most people spend up to 30% of their wages on,” “80% of our clients stay with us” or “just 10% stay without a purchase!” it might be even higher. People love numbers and details, as we described above.

With these tips and your creativity, you need to be more than capable of blowing the minds of your customers. Look at popular brand ads, take a look at the results of your rivals and get motivated.

Wholesome Content:

People love it when brands bring out content that feels good. In a world where brands are actively trying to outsell each other, Lifebuoy has done something that has gained a lot of publicity. During the corona outbreak, an ad was released asking people to use their competitor’s goods. It looked very healthy, and people loved it.

Make it Evergreen:

The best content is the genuine form that businesses and people will use and refer back to over and over again. A part of your content should have a long shelf life. It’s good for SEO and good for your brand. If you don’t forget about your call-to-action (CTA), you’ve got the actionable marketing material that generates brand loyalty.

There’s nothing like a bad ad to confuse, but there’s nothing like a good ad to convert. Overall, marketing material should be genuine. That means it’s a good representation of brand personality, it’s consumer-specific, innovative, and includes video and evergreen content that consumers can use, enjoy, share, and maybe even love through the rapidly evolving marketing seasons.

Use these ideas to build responsive ads, and you’ll certainly see a difference in your campaigns. One thing marketing newbies forget about is that what matters most when making an ad is not your business or your product/services. This is the audience.


Every business owner or online marketer would definitely search for the most suitable advertising strategy to attract customers. With the above-mentioned ideas and your creativity, you need to be more than capable of blowing the minds of your customers. Look at popular brand ads, take a look at the results of your competitors, and get motivated. Good luck to you!

Expert Facebook Tips to Reach More Customers

Expert Facebook Tips to Reach More Customers

Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites, used by business owners to promote products by posting images of the product, at the same time, updates about the price and availability is done. Social media platforms are highly marketable areas, where a business can gain a wider audience and enlarge a strong customer base. Also, the responses and reviews of the customer as and when the product reaches them can be shared in the network, which in turn gives the producer feedback and review for the potential customers. Facebook has several million users, spread across the globe, which is an added advantage in diversifying your business internationally.

Here are 12 Tips To Reach More Customers on Facebook:

1. Attractive page

attractive page

Most of the sellers on Facebook, launch the products on the page owned by them, created by them over Facebook. This page should be very well planned and designed in a creative manner with a strong marketing CRM strategy that can bring in more and more customers. The Facebook page is going to be the virtual existence of every business, which would be overseen by potential customers and hence needs a lot of investment in time as well as creativity.

2. Short and Crisp Description

There is an option on the Facebook page to add a description of the business, which brings in more traffic on the page as well. While browsing among the various pages and profiles, users tend to select the one having a crisp and short description that serves the purpose of existence on the media. The description should be with less complicated words, avoiding technical jargon, but in a professional manner.

3. Start to get noticed

Getting noticed is easy on most of the social media platforms, but to be noticed and get a loyal customer base is a hard task on virtual platforms. Firstly, a friend circle can be approached to do the same, and later to mutual and so on. As your business grows, shares would increase, which would provide a wider reach and better conversion rate thereon. Rather than simply getting a follower, try to get followers who would then turn a potential customer from whom you can generate quality revenues on a long term basis

4. Availability 24/7


In a social media platform, it is easy to be available to clear queries and suggestions. Then having and dealing with physical existence, this task is much easier on social media since internet connectivity is all that is needed to provide quick responses and thereby enhance customer service, which would lead to increased customer satisfaction as a whole.

5. Open up:

When you are on a public platform, to promote products, do not try to conceal any details, instead, provide them with as much information as possible. Just like how a business wishes to know the background of a customer, so does the customer wish to know the details of the business, which if not assured can lead to several threats that are high in number in this technological era, where there lacks the concept of trust. Give details such as actual location, easy directions, working hours, contact number, mail id, and employee reviews in order to ensure easy access and better approaches. 6. Assign tasks to the skilled and experienced person: The task of handling social media is quite interesting and at the same time risky, as social media can react both positively as well as negatively. In order to ensure constant existence and support, it is always better to employ a person well experienced in this field. Handling social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram takes a lot of effort from the part of the employee since they have to stay updated as to the technological upgradations taking place on the platform day by day.

7. Capture the best

capture the best

The impact of visual creations can be magical in the eyes of a viewer. The images provided on the page of your business should be the best and captured in a highly professional manner with super clarity and focus. The quality of these images and graphics also play a major role in gaining popularity and having a better reach across the media.

8. Be goal-oriented

To establish goals and meet targets are the tasks given to any digital marketer, for which he has to use a lot of skills gained through technical knowledge and assistance. To meet targets effectively, such as email marketing companies efficiently is what matters rather than simply bringing in a lot of mute audiences, who do not play a role in revenue-producing activities of a business.

9. Ensure the safety of transactions

Being on social media, it does not mean that a transaction has to take place in a cashless mode alone. There can be options provided for Cash on Delivery as well. In any monetary transaction, it is the responsibility of the seller to ensure the cash of the buyer is safe in the course of the transactions by maintaining the privacy agreements. Such features can provide authenticity more trusted customer base for a business.

10. Making relevant and worthy posts

Usually, there are active business hours for a physical store. In the same manner, there is the most active time in a digital social media platform like Facebook as well. These can be assessed and analyzed using the number of page visits on a particular hour or daily basis, which shows the interest of the customer in the content. Active participation, through comments and experiences by customers, is also a good way to engage customers on the page and explore more about your business.

11. Add Giveaways and Contests

This is the most used way of promotion on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Launching giveaways is the best option to gain a mass reach as the conditions so as to participate in a giveaway would include engaging the post in the most reaching manner, where sharing of posts and tagging takes place, making it visible to a larger audience.

12. Tag customers

tag customers

Tagging each other on Facebook makes a particular post more popular as the owner of the post. So, by using this particular concept, it is possible to increase page views when you tag your customer. The post would then appear on the profile and feed of your customer, which allows it to showcase itself to the friends and mutual of the customer, which can also enhance customer relationship management strategy. But all these can be done only with prior permission from your customer to post or tag their picture.


Promoting and gaining a customer base on a platform like Facebook is a simple task these days when done with due care and a smart approach. So, all it matters is the right person being endorsed with the inbound marketing strategy and genuine nature of the business, because the customer is the modern king!